Comeback Stories: A Prisoner No More

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This is a unique collection of life transformation stories that champion God’s ability to rescue and restore people from all sorts of imprisonment - physical, psychological, emotional and cultural.  The individuals in this book met Christ while incarcerated, began learning to follow and live for Him, and they joined our society much like the rest of us seeking to grow and thrive every day in God's will for themselves.  They are proof that Jesus can change anyone and turn them into trophies of His grace.  These stories are a perfect gift for anyone who might benefit from seeing those who are or have been imprisoned in the way that God sees them.  This might be for a loved one who is incarcerated, for friends and family members of the incarcerated, for prison ministry groups to give away inside of correctional facilities.  This also might be for those who simply are open to a bigger and better understanding of the mind of Christ as expressed in Matthew 25 when it comes to our attitudes toward "the least of these."